Orchestration is the Future of DeFi

Feb 10, 20243 min read

In the rapidly evolving landscape of DeFi, Orchai Protocol emerges as a beacon of innovation, adding immense value to the Oraichain user experience and demonstrating the vision to deliver powerful functionalities for users across the growing multi-chain crypto ecosystem.  Having recently closed a significant private sale round for $OCH token, it is clear that the hard work of the Orchai team is recognized and the traction is real.

With the public sale underway and listings just around the corner, these milestone cap off two years of diligent development under the guidance and support of Oraichain Labs. From the earliest days as Team Revert in Oraichain Hackathon 2022 to their current phase of growth, the Orchai team has built in public,   demonstrating a serious commitment to transparency. What began as an AI-powered lending application has blossomed into Orchai's full suite of DeFi products, which now boast a Total Value Locked (TVL) of $1.7M in Liquid Staking, plus ~$750K in Money Market.

Today, the platform is home to a wide range of core features including:

While this robust set of features is impressive, the deeper value proposition is only beginning to reveal itself. Orchai Protocol is an AI-powered DeFi Orchestrator, allowing users to interact with multiple dApps (and even networks) from a single user interface. As narrative begins to catch up to the work that the Orchai team has already been doing for years, let's take a close look at the importance of Orchestration and why this could very well be the future of DeFi.

What is Orchestration?

Orchestration is the art of arrangement. A composer is responsible for writing melody, harmony and rhythm, providing the blueprint for grand collaboration between artists. A composer must have a deep understanding of each instruments limits, unique qualities and how they contribute to the collective outcome, emphasizing the beauty of collaboration and the strength of diversity in creating a rich, cohesive masterpiece. And when rehearsal is over and the day has come for performance, the audience need only close their eyes and enjoy the music.

In many ways, this is the ease we all strive for, allowing dApp users to simply open an application and enjoy rich features. But as the ecosystem continues to grow, more dApps, networks and assets ultimately have a tendency to lead to deeper fractures in user experience. And while bridges have helped solve for mobility (especially IBC), there is still a large manual effort required for users to explore all of the excellent offerings in Web3. This is where Orchai's DeFi Orchestrator shines.

Orchai's AI + Low-code toolkit combines automation with optionality, allowing users to access a wide range of on-chain actions through a single interface. At the most basic level, this simplifies the process of interacting with multiple dApps, removing the need to constantly switch between products. But with the ability to compose custom workflows and execute them in a single click, Orchai's value proposition is on another level altogether.

With Orchai, the user becomes the composer, unleashing their creativity to weave together multi-application (and soon multi-chain) strategies. With Combinator, users can easily create a smart contract account (aka Smart Wallet) in one click, which will be used to compose and execute transactions across multiple DeFi applications. With fully customizable workflows, gas optimization and upcoming trading automation tools, Orchai stands at the forefront of this evolution as a DeFi orchestrator, redefining what is possible in the decentralized space.

...And they're only getting started.

The integration of AI into Orchai's ecosystem furthers its edge, offering optimization assistance via workflow simulations, recommending automations, and powering trading strategies (coming soon). This confluence of AI and blockchain technology propels Orchai beyond "traditional" DeFi platforms, offering users smarter, more responsive tools to maximize their digital asset management and investment strategies.

While the current deployment allows users to interact with dApps on Oraichain, their recent launch on BNB chain Testnet is an indication of their future pathway. Orchai is setting the tone for what's possible, advancing the multi-chain by enabling composition. As Orchai prepares to play a pivotal role in Oraichain's expansion throughout 2024, the launch of the $OCH token comes at a time where product readiness aligns with utility delivery. The team's "product first" philosophy ensures that the $OCH token is primed to offer immediate, tangible benefits to its holders.

In conclusion, Orchai's vision, underpinned by the principles of chain abstraction and orchestration, positions it as an integral component of Oraichain's growth strategy. By blending cutting-edge AI with a user-centric DeFi platform, Orchai is not following the trend, but is creating one, promising a future where DeFi is more accessible, efficient, and integrated than ever before.

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  2. ...And they're only getting started.