Oraichain x Jackal AMA Recap: A Glimpse into the Future of Decentralized Storage

Mar 28, 20248 min read

Join us for an enlightening AMA session where Tyree from Oraichain Labs and Bi Phan from JACKAL Labs delve into the intricacies of Jackal Protocol, a groundbreaking initiative aimed at revolutionizing decentralized hot storage. Throughout the conversation, they discuss the protocol's unique approach to data ownership, its commitment to open-source development, and its pioneering efforts in achieving native interoperability across IBC blockchains. They also explore Jackal's innovative solutions for AI developers, emphasizing the protocol's potential to enhance privacy, efficiency, and utility in the AI and blockchain spaces. For a deeper understanding of how Jackal Protocol is setting new standards in decentralized storage and its symbiotic relationship with Oraichain's ecosystem, delve into the full transcript of this engaging discussion.

Tyree | Oraichain Labs: Good morning! We are good to go. First off, thank you for joining me here today Bi. Very excited to talk a little about Jackal Protocol and explore your proposal so the entire community gets a glimpse into your plans.

For anyone that hasn't checked it out: https://commonwealth.im/oraichain/discussion/16658-jackal-protocol-grant-proposal-truly-decentralized-hot-storage-outposts

Quick reminder: If you are delegating ORAI on mainnet, you have an important role in the governance process. Take advantage of this. Head over to Common and join the conversation!

Bi Phan | JACKAL Labs: Thank you for having me! Hi everyone--it's Bi Phan, Cross Chain Dev Lead, from Jackal! Super pumped to be here and speak about our vision to bring native hot storage to the IBC.

Tyree | Oraichain Labs: Cosmos HOSS in the building too 👀

Cosmos HOSS: Good Morning SamORAI's, stoked for everyone to learn a bit more about Jackal and the value it will add to all of us!

Tyree | Oraichain Labs: I've been following Jackal for a long time Bi. But can you give everyone a brief rundown. What is Jackal  Protocol? https://www.jackalprotocol.com/

Bi Phan | JACKAL Labs: The Jackal Protocol is the only hot storage solution in the world that gives the user ownership of their data. 🙂 What's beautiful about Jackal is that we are truly decentralized and among all the Web3 storage solutions--we are the ONLY one that is 100% open source with our code base.

Tyree | Oraichain Labs: We love open systems 😄

Cosmos HOSS: I know a couple years ago I met some of the Jackal team and immediately was blown away at the value it can add to all parties involved.

Tyree | Oraichain Labs: When was the official launch? You guys have been building for a while.

Bi Phan | JACKAL Labs: The launch of the chain was roughly at the end of Q4 of 2022, with the storage protocol going live Q1 2023.

Cosmos HOSS: In this space, people love the TL;DR or very simple, yet effective phrase or slogan to explain who you are. If you could: What is Jackal?

Tyree | Oraichain Labs: The strapline. Six words or less 😄

Bi Phan | JACKAL Labs: Interchain storage network.

Cosmos HOSS: Sometimes I find it to be so difficult to do that when explaining some products or chains haha.

Tyree | Oraichain Labs: Jackal is in the middle of one of the most hype trends right now and IMO deserves a lot of credit for innovating in the DePIN space.

Bi Phan | JACKAL Labs: Our space is very new and with that, not many app chains have adopted IBC in the way it’s intended.

Deep in the bear market last year I reached out to the most senior devs in our space--Serdar from the ICF, and Reece from Juno--about enabling Jackal Storage to execute at the chain level on another blockchain. They advised me that no app chain has ever done this, and Jackal would be the first to try.

With counsel from the ICF, we then ported the functionality of every module on our chain into a cosmwasm smart contract.The contract can control a JKL account on any foreign cosmos chain, without that foreign chain needing a chain upgrade or any new middleware.

I'm very proud to say, the ICF team congratulated us on being the first team in the world to achieve this interoperability--and even went as far as featuring us on their blog:


TLDR? Jackal executes natively on every single IBC Blockchain--This is how we all win.

Tyree | Oraichain Labs: TLDR : This is big league.

Cosmos HOSS: I don't think people in this industry understand how huge this is.

Bi Phan | JACKAL Labs: And in keeping with the open source decentralized ethos of web3. Our outpost is here 🙂


Tyree | Oraichain Labs: So at the risk of redundancy, give us the greatest hits list. What is the difference between Jackal Storage and other ‘decentralized storage’ solutions out there? Bonus points for telling us how you will add value for AI developers in Oraichain ecosystem 😄 😄 😄

Bi Phan | JACKAL Labs: Let's bang out the big ones:

1. Only proof of stake network while everyone else is proof of work--we love the planet, let's keep it clean ❤️

2. We give users 100% control of their data. No one else can see the data--not even the team.

3. The only Storage network that can execute natively on another blockchain.

But the big one? Probably the only blockchain company in the world actively developing On-Chain AI Retrieval Augmented Generation frameworks for AI Devs.

Tyree | Oraichain Labs: Before we get too far, let's talk about RAG Frameworks. What is Retrieval Augmented Generation?

Bi Phan | JACKAL Labs:Everyone in the AI space understands 'fine tuning' a model for a specific use case, but Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) is a new framework that's been making a ton of noise since early last year.

RAG is a method of injecting your own data into the language model--WITHOUT the expense of fine tuning or training.

Simply--we're hacking the AI and giving it knowledge over our user data, without spending a massive bag $$$ on training the model using GPUs.

Tyree | Oraichain Labs: So in essence, what you are creating here is a fully decentralized solution for adding custom knowledge to AI models w/o expensive fine-tuning?

Bi Phan | JACKAL Labs: That's BANG on my friend.


Tyree | Oraichain Labs: And let's talk about privacy here, since I know it is a big part of Jackal's mission. Will your RAG Framework help to ensure that this custom knowledge remains private from the AI provider somehow?

Bi Phan | JACKAL Labs:  Absolutely. You're going to see a lot of AI companies shill: ‘'easily fine tune your model with our solution'.  The problem with this is it's, of course, done via a centralized API. Once your data leaves your machine and touches their servers for model training, it's no longer urs and most definitely not private.

With the RAG framework, what we use to store your data before it can be trained by the AI is called a 'Vector Database'. Vector Databases lightweight, numerical representations of data, that the AI can understand.

With Jackal's encryption scheme, users can encrypt their vector databases using their private key, and only reveal that data to their own model for their own use case. Enabling the first ever completely private and self owned AI Smart Agent, that's knowledgeable about your own data.

Bi Phan | JACKAL Labs: I always stress this:  Any company in the world can make any promise to never use your data for nefarious purposes, but if their solutions are closed source, that promise is just a piece of paper--enforcing that promise is an uphill battle.

With Jackal, we make that promise with our code. Which is open for everyone to see.

Tyree | Oraichain Labs: I love what you're doing. I can also see how this solution could potentially open the door for things like "knowledge marketplaces" that could easily plug into LLMs on Oraichain. Let's talk about your proposal a bit. This will be the first Jackal Hot Storage Outpost in production, if this proposal is passed. Tell us what this means…

Bi Phan | JACKAL Labs: Oraichain will have the functionality of the entire Jackal Protocol running natively at the chain level. This means Oraichain users can use Jackal Storage, and our fleet of apps like Beacon and Radiant, with ORAI tokens. A truly native cross chain solution for the end user 🙂

Tyree | Oraichain Labs: Maybe you can give use a quick list of these dApps and a description. I love a good 4 for 1 deal 😄

Bi Phan | JACKAL Labs: Absolutely those four apps will be live:

  • Jackal Classic - Secure, encrypted, and self-custodial Dropbox on-chain
  • Radiant - Forever storage with shareable links. Pay once and store forever.
  • Beacon - medium-like publishing for blogs and content on-chain
  • Stratus - web2.5 API

Tyree | Oraichain Labs: Super awesome. Now here's a question that everyone will be dying to know: Will Jackal's deployment add utility for ORAI token?

Bi Phan | JACKAL Labs: ORAI tokens can be used for all those 4 apps 🔥

Tyree | Oraichain Labs: I just think that its really nice that you've considered the native chain and its economics in your design. There is a lot of great value for the network by allowing for ORAI to be a payment medium for data storage services and applications.

Bi Phan | JACKAL Labs: Correct me I'm wrong Tyree, I believe this will be the first native integration between two AI focused blockchains?

Tyree | Oraichain Labs: Don't quote me, but I think it is 100% true. We see some dApp collaborations but this is a true alliance of technologies from the settlement to application layers.

Bi Phan | JACKAL Labs: On the topic of AI--everyone keep an eye out for our private on chain agent coming end of Q2!! We've been prototyping this since mid last year with AI teams like LlamaIndex and Langchain. Recently, we're in discussions with Akash to be a compute provider.

Tyree | Oraichain Labs: Super cool. Oraichain's native GPU infra in coming fast too.

Bi Phan | JACKAL Labs: Native GPU infra 👀👀👀

Correction: We're using Oraichain's native GPU infra 🔥🫡

Tyree | Oraichain Labs: We had a small teaser about it on Common with some discussion on economics: https://commonwealth.im/oraichain/discussion/16644-gpu-staking-discussion

Cosmos HOSS: In your opinion, what type of potential use cases could this lead to on Oraichain?

Bi Phan | JACKAL Labs: The possibilities are endless really, but the first use case would ofcourse be our RAG smart agent executing natively on Oraichain 🔥🔥With hot storage and our AI frameworks, we can explore Ai/Ml apps, DeSCI apps, social apps, RAG apps, music apps, file transfer apps, etc. Every web-scale application needs storage--and Jackal provides self custodial hot storage that's geo replicated for redundancy.

Tyree | Oraichain Labs: It's excellent Bi!

Bi Phan | JACKAL Labs: No to mention, the combined weight of engineering talent from both teams working in collaboration ❤️

Cosmos HOSS: So you hear that DAO... Possibilities are endless!

Tyree | Oraichain Labs: For anyone that enjoyed learning about Jackal today and you have follow up questions, make sure to head over to Common: https://commonwealth.im/oraichain/discussion/16658-jackal-protocol-grant-proposal-truly-decentralized-hot-storage-outposts

Bi Phan | JACKAL Labs: Bless me with a follow fams! ❤️ https://twitter.com/BiPhan374. I'll be dropping all the nerdy updates here hehe.

Follow Jackal for everything else 😉 https://twitter.com/Jackal_Protocol

The nerdy updates will be on the Jackal twitter too hehe--keep your eyes peeled on that one the most.

Tyree | Oraichain Labs: And a last reminder for everyone before we open the chat again, THE ALPHA IS ON COMMON. Get involved on a deeper level and keep an eye on upcoming initiatives, programming and integrations by joining us here: https://commonwealth.im/oraichain

Right now there are about 5-6 different proposals in the discussion period that need YOUR input. The beautiful thing about Oraichain is its decentralization. Don't just follow the updates. Take the lead.

Help us craft the future of this chain. Oraichain DAO is all about Acceleration through Collaboration.

Thank you.

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