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Mar 19, 20243 min read

We're thrilled to introduce the inaugural launch of Oraichain's Developer Advocate Program, spearheaded by Deon Labs in partnership with the Oraichain Foundation and backed by the support of the Oraichain DAO. This groundbreaking initiative is designed to energize developers already engaged with the Oraichain community and to draw in new talent from beyond, fostering ecosystem expansion and providing pathways for individual and career growth. As the first of many initiatives orchestrated by Deon Labs, this program opens the door to participants of all skill levels, laying the groundwork for a vibrant and inclusive environment where every developer can find their place and thrive.

"The Deon Labs proposal has masterfully outlined a roadmap for enriching Oraichain's developer ecosystem. As we witness a surge in major projects flocking to our platform, it's imperative to foster our grassroots community with equal zeal. The inception of the Oraichain Developer Advocate Program marks the beginning of this journey, catalyzing the growth of evangelists from within our own ranks. This initiative will not only deepen the engagement of our current community but also inspire and equip new talent to embark on a journey of innovation alongside seasoned experts."
– Tyree Robinson, Head of Ecosystem

What is Oraichain?

Oraichain, established in 2020, has emerged as a unique and comprehensive Layer 1 blockchain ecosystem dedicated to fostering the integration of artificial intelligence with decentralized applications. Pioneering the concept of “AI Oracle”, Oraichain is revolutionizing how AI-generated data is validated and securely delivered to smart contracts. This innovative approach has enabled the creation of a versatile and robust platform that supports a wide array of AI-driven dApps, making Oraichain the only Layer 1 solution tailored for interoperability, speed and transparent integration of AI models. As the ecosystem continues to evolve, Oraichain remains committed to its vision of becoming the AI-powered hub for Web3, offering groundbreaking solutions that merge the efficiency and transparency of blockchain with the transformative potential of artificial intelligence.

Some key features of the Oraichain ecosystem include:

  • Permissionless dPoS Network based on Cosmos SDK with ~1s block times
  • Support for CosmWasm smart contracts
  • Robust settlement layer with liquidity, bridging (EVM, IBC and BTC), oracles, on-chain proofs and more
  • Rapidly growing user base, ready to support your innovations!

Why Become an Oraichain Developer Advocate?

Joining the Oraichain Developer Advocate program offers an exciting opportunity to be at the forefront of decentralized AI innovation. Here's why you should consider becoming a part of this transformative initiative:

  • Innovation Forefront: Dive into the cutting edge of technology by contributing to the integration of AI and blockchain, shaping the future of decentralized applications.
  • Build Your Portfolio: Showcase your expertise in AI and blockchain integration by actively engaging with projects within the Oraichain ecosystem, establishing a strong proof of work.
  • Professional Growth: Join a community that fosters continuous learning and skill development, providing opportunities for personal and professional advancement.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with developers, industry experts, and thought leaders in the AI and blockchain spaces, fostering collaborations and building lasting connections.
  • Contribution to Ecosystem Growth: Play a pivotal role in shaping a thriving community by advocating for developers' needs and contributing to the platform's success.
  • Grants and Rewards: Receive recognition and support for your contributions through grants and rewards programs, incentivizing continued innovation and involvement.
  • Close Collaboration: Work closely with the Oraichain team, gaining insights into the platform's development and actively shaping its future.

Program Structure

The Oraichain Developer Advocate Program is structured to onboard quality developers and nurture their growth within the ecosystem. The program consists of three main levels:

Developer Evangelist: Start your journey by evangelizing about Oraichain, exploring developer documentation, and earning Experience Points (XPs) through contributions.

Developer Advocate: Progress to building projects, onboarding evangelists, and representing the community in events and workshops.

Core Committee: Take on a leadership role by working on grant-worthy projects, starting your own validator node, and actively contributing to ecosystem growth.

How to Get Involved?

Joining the Oraichain Developer Advocate Program is easy:

Evangelize: Spread the word about Oraichain and its innovative solutions.

Apply: Fill out the interest form with your proof of work.

Interview: Clear the interview and screening process.

Onboard: Upon evaluation, get onboarded as an evangelist and start your journey!

Join our AMA this week!

Embark on an exciting journey with the Oraichain Developer Advocate Program, where you'll be at the forefront of decentralized AI innovation. Join us in reshaping the future of blockchain technology and AI integration. Start your journey today! And make sure to join our AMA on Oraichain's TG channel this week:

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